The FAQ Canvas includes 4 different design layouts to ensure it fits your website’s design and answers your people’s questions.


Gatlinburg is a fun, adventure-inspired 16-page website and blog that features bold designs and a travel itinerary page – perfect for the adventure-seeking photographer or entrepreneur.

Unique features include:

  • geo-map icon design
  • travel itinerary page
  • 3 gallery design styles
  • arrow icon design
  • And more!

Pages included:
Coming Soon, Home, About, Information, Portfolio, Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Contact, Itinerary, Instagram, 404, Opt-In, Legal, Blog, Blog – Single Post, Blog – Page, Blog 404

Luxe and beautiful with a boho flair– that’s how we describe our gorgeous template, Cypress. Designed with a Wedding Photographer in mind, Cypress is completely versatile and can be customized for photographers of every genre, creatives, bloggers or creative professionals. With a mix of color-blocking, white space, full-screen images and a bold editorial design, Cypress is guaranteed to elevate your website game to new heights!

Unique features include:

• Stylish, editorial design that is perfect for wedding & portrait photographers
• Unique galleries and image displays throughout the site
• Clean lines and muted tones throughout
• Full-screen images mixed with magazine-inspired layouts

All of the pages included in this design:

• Home Page
• About Page
• Portfolio Page
• Details Page
• Contact Page
• Instagram Landing Page
• Coming Soon Page
• Blog Feed/Post List Layout
• Blog Post Layout
• Blog Page Layout
• Two 404 Pages (Main Site & Blog Layout)


This design includes fonts that require separate licensing for use:

Modern, beautiful design perfect for photographers of all types! Designed around a wedding and engagement photographer, this website design provides you with a strategic framework for showcasing your portfolio all while helping you target your ideal client with clean design and purposeful content locations.

This template also comes with my signature step-by-step Showit Course, Launch With Moxie, which walks you through 35+ videos for setting up your website quickly and efficiently so you can get back to focusing on what you love! Email me at after purchasing to gain access!

Pages Included:


This design includes a font that requires separate licensing for use:

She Conquers is fun, interactive, and geared toward female community. Designed for podcasters and entrepreneurs, this charming, bold site will leave lasting impressions on potential clients and customers.

This design includes page designs for the following:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • 404
  • Social Links
  • Coming Soon

Blog Templates included with this design are:

  • Blog post list template
  • single post template
  • categories grid template
  • WordPress page template
  • Blog 404 template

About the design:

  • Fun, interactive page designs
  • Full-screen images
  • Bold color palette and charming typography
  • Blog ready with matching theme design

Style Words: fun, bold, modern, feminine

Photos from Unsplash

Sahara is a soft, delicate, and minimal design for boho-inspired, free-spirited photographer. The artistic hand-drawn florals, torn ediges and boho vibes will welcome your new clients and help you make a lasting impression. With this customizable template, you’ll have everything you need to proudly display your favorite photographs and tell the captivating stories behind each timeless image.


This design contains fonts that require separate licensing for use:

The Laine is the perfect Showit Add-on to link your Podcast up to your website. Use this page on your existing site, or create an entirely new website from it, it’s up to you. Either way, it will showcase your Podcast in an amazing light that is sure to draw attention from viewers!


This design contains fonts that require separate licensing for use:

Gilford is loaded with bold graphics that come in hot but have a cool and contemporary palette. The sliders move in and out of the frame, drawing attention to the navigation and effortlessly leading the reader down the page. Designed specifically for Podcasters, this site can also host business resources, information about what you’ve got going on, and your blog. It’s chock-full of great information on your brand and still has room for personal musings should you care to share them.

What’s included:

  • Blog Home Page Layout
  • About Page Layout
  • Contact Page Layout
  • Blog Page Layout
  • Blog Single Post Page Layout
  • Blog Single Page Layout
  • Blog Category Page Layout
  • Blog 404 Error Layout


Sassy, stylish and playful are three words we use to describe Dayton. This 10-page podcast-inspired website is completely versatile and can easily be customized for photographers, creatives, bloggers or creative professionals. Dayton offers a simplistic layout with most of the content located on a parallax one-page design, although extra page options are included. Make a bold statement while showcasing your personality and brand!

Unique  features include:

• Sleek, editorial-inspired design
• Multiple impactful ways to market podcast episodes or blog posts throughout the site
• Podcast Guest bonus page
• Blog ready with a complimentary design layout

All of the pages included in this theme:

• Home Page
• Guest Details Page
• Contact Page
• Instagram Landing Page
• Coming Soon Page
• Blog Feed/Post List Page
• Blog Post Page
• Blog Page
• Two 404 Pages (Main Site & Blog)


This design includes fonts that require separate licensing for use: