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Erica Clayton

We believe in the power of narrative because through narrative unfolds a passion others are waiting to hear. We empower and education creative entrepreneurs to harness that power, refine their message and deliver a compelling truth -- their story. Stories encompass a wealth of information. The volume of data that goes into communicating an emotion from start to finish can be overwhelming. As entrepreneurs, we are relentlessly pushed from all sides, "Find your story." "Establish your why." "Tell a story that will attract your ideal client." So often we find ourselves asking the very opposite -- "Who is my ideal client?" "Tell a story? It takes me 30 minutes to write a 5 sentence long caption on social media, how am I possible going to tell a story?" We've been there and we take your overwhelm as our personal mission to refine that massive collection of thoughts, desires and motives and draw out a clear harmony from the cacophony of noise. With us, you have a team in your corner, helping you gain your bearings, set your trajectory and succeed.

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